Some performance metrics actually hurt what they measure

Who developed the theory of evolution? Who invented the telephone? What about the radio? Pretty obvious answers, one would assume. Charles Darwin, Alexander Bell and Marconi, respectively, right? Well, it's not as straightforward.

AI - Why structure to support AI is more important than the sensationalism behind it

Every few decades, technological changes upend the environment and relative positions of contestants, be it in the field of business or warfare. In warfare for instance, technology advanced from fighting on foot, to mounted calvary, then to weaponised platforms like chariots

A leader's journey is similar to a hero's journey

American author Joseph Campbell influenced generations of writers and artists with his narratology philosophy, popularly known as the Hero's Journey

Training rigour differentiates companies during tough times

When it comes to aviation miracles, perhaps none can match United Airlines' Flight 232 flying from Denver to Chicago on 10 July 1989. An hour into the flight, the DC 10's tail engine exploded

An old army joke goes something like this

Once, the commanding officer (CO) of a unit read in the papers of a complete solar eclipse the next day.

Cutting the Gordian Knot doesn't solve problems of strategic nature

In 333 BCE, when Alexander reached the city of Gordium (near modern day Ankara), he heard of a famed knot tied on an ox cart. It was said that whoever untied the knot would rule the world.

MY VIEW | Tightrope Walk

While visionary leaders foresee the future, legendary leaders have the ability to simplify and institutionalize their vision. This is the story of one such iconic corporate leader I had the privilege to work with.

Corporate cultures should make space for everyone to speak out

About 30 years ago, the aftermath of a basketball match taught me two lessons, one about individual leadership and the other about institutionaliing good leadership environments. I was a newly minted lieutenant barely a month into service, posted in Sangrur, then a remote town of Punjab

A lesson on 'Vranyo' that Russia's debacle holds for Leaders

It seems to be the season of upsets, with underdogs pummelling Goliaths. While this may suggest shock defeats at the FIFA World Cup, I refer to Russian retrograde moves in the Ukraine war, flabbergasting mandarins, analysts, sleuths and soothsayers alike. How could it be possible that a country, allegedly powerful enough to influence US elections, is tottering against one that though well replenished, is arguably an underdog. One of the reasons is vranyo.

Doctrinal lessons from the Russia - Ukraine War

Recent analyses of the Russia-Ukraine war have ranged from talking about flawed Russian strategies, outdated tactics, and the role of technology in future wars to the centrality of territorial control and the alternative view that war is an instrument of political assertion, not limited to capturing land. While these analyses illuminate a strategic perspective, doctrinal lessons must be addressed.