Speed of Trust

INTRODUCTION: All elite teams, be they soldiers of the special forces, sportspersons, emergency responders like firemen, NGOs operating in war torn countries or even strong families - have one elementin common. They have a high 'Speed of Trust' quotient. Members of elite teams respect each other, have a high degree of trust, are result oriented and while they have immense personal empathy - they also hold each other (and themselves) accountable to the rigours of demanding tasks. Organisations that don't nurture Speed of Trust rapidly slip into bureaucracies where adherence to process and safeguarding oneselftakes precedence over outcome orientation. This session examines the essence of elite teams. Starting from the process of formation of the team, rites of passage, formats of internal communication, rituals to build camaraderie etc. - what are those essential components that fire up a team to aim for the audacious, watch out for each other and care for the team's success rather than individual glory.

THE NARRATIVE AND THE OBJECTIVE: As organisations and teams grow in size, complexity, geography and multiplicity of cultures, trust is the first casualty. Studies have demonstrated that a large percentage of organisational energies and leadership mindshare gets eroded in 'status management'. That is - members of the team focus disproportionately on safeguarding their status, power and remits, rather than acting as enablers towards a common mission. While small enterprises operating in commodity manufacturing or cost leadership environments, might get away with such a suboptimal culture, for those operating in the knowledge industry or desiring to be the leaders in their space - creating an environment of psychological safety is existential. 'Speed of Trust' is the essential element which convinces members to prioritise their mission ahead of themselves, reduces organisational friction and unleashes creativity and innovation 'inside the box' of resource constraints.

THE OUTCOME FOR PARTICIPANTS: This is a mindset-shift session designed to compel participants into an introspective and powerful self-change journey. The participants understand the essentiality of high speed of trust and the inextricable link between the mission of the organisation and their own achievement. They also learn several case studies based initiatives which can be started within their own remits and resources to exponentially and measurably improve trust, velocity and camaraderie, within the internal and external members of the team.