Executive Presence

INTRODUCTION: Command Presence, also known as Executive Presence - is the ability of an individual to exude a sense of command/leadership quotient, such that, he/she 'stands' out distinctly in a group of peers as a natural leader. Leaders who acquire this trait have an enhanced ability to lead, advocate their case and most importantly, manoeuvre their journey through corporate hierarchy far more successfully. This session teaches the first principles of Leadership and explains a framework to enhance their aura and presence as a leader.

THE NARRATIVE AND THE OBJECTIVE: 'There is a saying that we get only one chance to make a first impression. In a world of reducing attention, even that 'chance' is limited to a few seconds. Research has proven that most people make up their minds and opinion within the first minute or so of any interaction. Leadership can be equated to a torch which shines a light because of a lit bulb that is reflected by reflectors. The projection of leadership requires both - increase in the wattage ofthe bulb and the reflective power ofthe reflectors. This hands-on session enables the participants realise the importance of development of 'depth' and projection of the leadership quotient. They learn the three rules for making an impact within the first few moments of any interaction. They understand why more than 70% of our communication is non-verbal and how decision makers usually base their judgement on the perceived merit ofthe presenter and rarely on the merit ofthe solution.

THE OUTCOME FOR PARTICIPANTS: Participants learn a powerful framework and work plan to enhance their presence. They learn how to lead without authority and extend their influence well beyond their official remits. They will also be given a series of elements to work on independently to carry on the journey of creating a personal brand.