Management Lessons From Streets

INTRODUCTION: One of Capt Raman's most popular sessions, viewed over 20 million times on social media platforms, this session's in person and online versions have received rare accolades from several business and govt leaders across the world for its simplicity, impact and practical implementability. This session is on the recommended study and review list of several global Business Schools and Organisations. This powerful workshop identifies seven crucial management skills that can be learnt from the 'unorganised' sectors and distils the essence of leadership, talent nurturing, sales and marketing, logistics, change management and several other aspects, using examples that we touch and feel through daily lives. It also teaches that invaluable lessons and opportunities are all around us, if only we develop an eye and a framework to spot and leverage it.

THE NARRATIVE AND THE OBJECTIVE: 'Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime'. This session teaches participants how to fish, rather than giving them fish. There is a general belief, especially around and within the circles of 'branded' education such as Ivy Leagues that leadership or business administration lessons can only be learnt from marquee organised sector companies. This is untrue. Take India for instance - the unorganised, marginalised or informal sector not only accounts for the majority of India's GDP but also over 75% of employment. Like most emerging economies. This mind-opening session that is popular across the world, demonstrates how powerful leadership and business lessons abound even in what might be overlooked as the most unlikely of places.

THE OUTCOME FOR PARTICIPANTS: The session encourages participants to look at opportunities every day, to view ordinary examples through the lens of extraordinary sight and to discover a true wealth of knowledge atthe bottom ofthe pyramid. Also, in an environment where B to C organisations are seeing their customer bases going deeper into the lowest financial strata, it is imperative for leaders to identify the principles of efficiency and micro-economies that drive a large part of their customer base.