Deep Work

INTRODUCTION: Deep work is the ability to focus intensely on highly demanding cognitive tasks, to produce elite level outcomes. The ability to do deep work enables leaders and teams produce highquality of work in a much shorter time, in addition to giving a sense of achievement at having mastered difficult skills. Deep work is also essential in a world where everything that can be converted into simple algorithms, will eventually be automated. Deep work differentiates elite performers from mediocre ones and is a rare skill that will be in high demand in the rapidly changing world of the future. This workshop teaches participants about the importance of deep work, the myth of multitasking, creating the right environment to enable deep work and most importantly, provide a framework that will enable leaders create a 'deep work' environment in their remits.

THE NARRATIVE AND THE OBJECTIVE: Machine learning, Automation and Artificial Intelligence are changing the environment of traditional workforces, making millions of the personnel redundant. In a connected world, where skills can be hired globally 'on demand', it is imperative for leaders and organisations to be able to perform at elite levels. The top 5% of performers in any field bag the lion's share of the market and revenues. Global connectivity has reduced entry barriers for talent especially in the knowledge industry. Unless leaders and organisations learn how to become 'Deep Workers' they will soon lose relevance.

THE OUTCOME FOR PARTICIPANTS: This hands-on workshop demonstrates the importance of Deep Work and teaches a framework that enables rigour and discipline required to move from a 'shallow working' environment that uses 'busyness' as a measure of productivity to one that consistently produces high quality of work. This workshop is a force-multiplier at individual and organisational levels.