Understanding India*

INTRODUCTION: While many sessions and books address the economic, historical and statistical aspects of India, Raghu deals with the subject in an unconventional manner.

Speed of Trust

INTRODUCTION: All elite teams, be they soldiers of the special forces, sportspersons, emergency responders like firemen, NGOs operating in war torn countries or even strong families - have one elementin common. They have a high 'Speed of Trust' quotient.

Executive Presence

INTRODUCTION: Command Presence, also known as Executive Presence - is the ability of an individual to exude a sense of command/leadership quotient, such that, he/she 'stands' out distinctly in a group of peers as a natural leader.

Deep Work

INTRODUCTION: Deep work is the ability to focus intensely on highly demanding cognitive tasks, to produce elite level outcomes. The ability to do deep work enables leaders and teams produce highquality of work in a much shorter time, in addition to giving a sense of achievement at having mastered difficult skills.

Management Lessons From Streets

INTRODUCTION: One of Capt Raman's most popular sessions, viewed over 20 million times on social media platforms, this session's in person and online versions have received rare accolades from several business and govt leaders across the world for its simplicity, impact and practical implementability.

Designing For Culture

INTRODUCTION: This workshop teaches the first principles of design thinking. There is an increasing realisation in most forward-thinking organisations that 'design thinking' is a state of mind and not the prerogative of the product design or any dedicated functional team within the enterprise.

Driving Purpose by Storytelling

INTRODUCTION: Storytelling is one of the most important competencies of leaders. The ability to communicate captivatingly and memorably is a powerful influential tool in the arsenal of an inspirational and motivating leader.

Leadership in the Ruptured* World

INTRODUCTION: In these post-pandemic times, there is an inclination for us to seek certainty and clarity when the only truth is uncertainty, ambiguity and volatility. But the 'ask' from every leader today, is to understand the risks and threats that loom over the horizon, and yet remain optimistic and proactive.

Leadership at 26000 Feet

INTRODUCTION: This inspiring flagship session, teaches leadership through a perspective wholly different from learnings accessed through corporate boardrooms and academia.